Live In Belfast
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01. The Boys Of Ballisodare Tommy Coen’s Lord McDonald’s
02. The Liverpool John Mosai McGinleys
03. Splendid Isolation Mrs Lawries
04. Reminiscing Johnny McGreevy’s
05. The One That Was Lost The Hag’s Purse The Black Rogue
06. Donegal Breeze
07. The Reconciliation The Plough In The Stars The Green Mountain
08. The Home Ruler Maud Miller’s
09. Mícheál’s Intro
10. Lord Franklin
11. Down The Brooms The Dispute At The Crossroads McFadden’s Handsome Daughter
12. A Stór Mo Chroí Poll Ha’penny The Old Bush
13. Master McDermott’s The Green Fields Of Rossbeigh The Earl’s Chair Dowd’s No.9
14. Fred Finn’s The Glen Of Aherlow The Providence The Fair Wind
15. John Joe’s Cúil Aodha Roaring Mary The Primrose Lass The Foxhunters